Travel with Inlandsbanan in Sweden, a fantastic train journey through the Swedish nature and wilderness. A comfortable and cheap way to discover hidden places. Make a round trip and stops for fishing and hiking. Enjoy Sweden with Inlandsbanan by single train ticket, an Inlandsbanan Card, Interrail or Eurail. We show you our journey along the Inlandsbanan with photos and a video. Find out how to travel this scenic train journey from the south to the north of Sweden. Our journey took us from Mora, the southern terminus of the line, to Östersund. Here we visited the headquarters of Inlandsbanan before we continued or journey from Östersund to Gällivare in the north.

Beautiful day at Kilvamma lake. The travellers to Gällivare still have many hours ahead of them.
Beautiful day at Kilvamma lake. The travellers to Gällivare still have many hours ahead of them.

The routes of Inlandsbanan

Östersund - Gällivare
The most famous part of Inlandsbanan is the northern route from Östersund to Gällivare with a journey time of about 13 hours. Most of the line runs in Lapland, through large birch forests, plains and moors. Along its way, the railway crosses many large rivers, running from the Scandinavian mountain range to the Baltic Sea. As it runs through very sparsely populated areas, chances are high that you will see reindeers or even a moose during your trip!

Mora - Östersund
In the south you can travel from Mora to Östersund (journey time 5:30 h). The landscape along this part of the line is not as raw and wild as in the north, taking you through large forests and along large lakes.

Morastrand station, the southern terminus of Inlandsbanan.
Morastrand station, the southern terminus of Inlandsbanan, is located directly at the shore of Siljan.

Kristinehamn - Mora
The original line used to run via Vansbro and Persberg but has been closed for many years. Nowadays you can travel with a special service on another route from Kristinehamn to Mora via Borlänge und Ludvika during the summer months (journey time 6:30 h).

Note: Inlandsbanan operates only a limited period in the summer months. Trains usually run from mid June to mid August. In spring 2017, there has been an additional daily train between Mora and Östersund but it is unclear whether this train will continue to operate in autumn. During the winter, there is also a night train running from Malmö via Stockholm to Östersund and Röjan, serving the Vemdalen ski resort. The terminus stations Mora, Östersund and Gällivare can be reached by regular trains from Göteborg , Stockholm and other Swedish cities all year round.

Inlandsbanan map

Southern route from Mora to Östersund

Mora is a small town in Dalarna, located between lake Siljan and Orsasjön. It is most famous as the finish of annual Vasaloppet, a 90km cross country skiing event. Nowadays it is the southern terminus of Inlandsbanan. During the summer season there is one train running from Mora to Östersund, taking about 5:30 hours (321 kilometres). The train leaves Mora in the afternoon, and you will find direct connections from Stockholm and Göteborg. From Mora, the train runs via Sveg to Östersund. Along the way, you can think about stopping in Sveg or at the Tandsjö or Fågelsjö lakes. In Fågelsjö, the train also makes a longer stop for lunch. On your way to Östersund, you could also make a stop in Åsarna on lake Hålen. If you are into winter sports, the station of Röjan is important. From here you can reach the large resort of Vemdalen.

A train approaches Tandsjöborg station to pick up a passenger.
A train approaches Tandsjöborg station to pick up a passenger.

The original Inlandsbanan line started in Kristinehamn on the northern shore of Vänern. This line between Kristinehamn and Mora is abandoned nowadays. However, you can still travel between both cities via another railway line. During the summer, a direct train runs from Kristienhamn to Mora in about 6:30 h (297 kilometres). This train already starts at Göteborg in the early morning, allowing you to travel all the way from Göteborg via Kristinehamn and Mora to Östersund within one day.

Kristinehamn dep 10:36 Östersund C dep 08:25
Mora Station arr 14:14 Mora Station arr 13:49
Mora Station dep 15:06 Mora Station dep 14:49
Östersund C arr 21:01 Kristinehamn arr 18:40

Northern Route from Östersund to Gällivare

The journey from Östersund to Gällivare is a full day trip. The journey time is about 13:30 h, covering a distance of 746 kilometres. Included are stops for meals and unexpected events (e.g. if an elk or reindeer is close to the railway tracks). And of course a stop at the polar circle to take a photo. :)

Lunch stop at Vilhelmina Norra.
Lunch stop at Vilhelmina Norra.

Östersund is a large city with about 50.000 inhabitants. Along with nearby Åre it is an important winter sports centre. You will find the national biathlon centre here, host of annual World Cup competitions. The city is an important transport hub with train connections to Stockholm and Trondheim. From Östersund Inlandsbanan will take you north towards Lapland. A first stop for lunch is at Vilhelmina Norra at a restaurant offering local fish, meat and cheese. Enjoy the break either in the restaurant or walk through the woods to the nearby lake.

The Inlandsbanan museum at Sorsele station.
The Inlandsbanan museum at Sorsele station.

The train then continues towards Sorsele where you will meet the southbound train and have the chance to visit the nice Inlandsbana museum in the station building. In the afternoon the train reaches one of the highlights of the line - the combined rail and road bridge across the wide Pite Älv. If you want, you can get off the train and walk across the bridge, while the train slowly follows you and picks you up on the other side of the bridge. It is really impressive to see the torrential river, bringing water from the mountrains to the Baltic Sea.

Inlandsbanan train crosses the Pite Älv bridge.
Inlandsbanan train crosses the Pite Älv bridge.

One of the last highlights of the journey is the stop at the Polar Circle. The circle is clearly marked across the railway tracks and you can take some souvenir photos. Then the train continues to a last longer stop at Vaikijaur for dinner. Maybe try a reindeer burger? Finally you are close to the terminus of the line, Gällivare. Since the line now runs north of the Polar Circle, you can enjoy the midnight sun if you are travelling in June and July, and even in August it is still not dark when you arrive in Gällivare.

The southbound Inlandsbanan train just crosses the Polar Circle.
The southbound Inlandsbanan train just crosses the Polar Circle.

Even though it is a really long trip, it is possible to travel the whole route within one day. Read more about a full day on Inlandsbanan in our other blog.

Östersund C 07:15 Gällivare 07:50
Lit 07:50 Porjus 08:34
Ulriksfors 09:02 Jokkmokk 09:14
Hoting 09:46 Geografiska Polcirkeln
Stop at the polar circle
Dorotea 10:07 Moskosel
30 minutes stop for lunch
Vilhelmina 10:57 Arvidsjaur 12:30
Vilhelmina Norra
50 minutes stop for lunch
11:02 Slagnäs 13:15
Storuman 12:52 Sorsele
Meet of the northbound train
Meet of the southbound train
14:09 Storuman 15:01
Slagnäs 14:41 Vilhelmina Norra
45 minutes stop for dinner
Arvidsjaur 15:36 Vilhelmina 16:56
Moskosel 16:18 Dorotea 17:47
Geografiska Polcirkeln
Stop to take a photo at the polar circle
18:00 Hoting 18:08
Jokkmokk 18:18 Ulriksfors 18:52
45 minutes stop for dinner
18:25 Jämtlands Sikås 19:22
Porjus 19:45 Lit 20:05
Gällivare 20:29 Östersund C 20:47

Rainy evening in Gällivare: the terminus of the line.
Rainy evening in Gällivare: the terminus of the line.

From Gällivare you have the following options to continue your travels:
- Abisko , to hike the Kungsleden
- Narvik along the Iron Ore Line , with bus connection to the Lofoten , to Tromso and the North Cape or to of Fauske and Bodö with connection to Trondheim and Oslo by train
- Lulea, with bus connection in direction of Finland
- back to the south by night train to Stockholm
- an Inlandsbanan package with Hurtigruten

Inlandsbanan trains and meal options

Inlandsbanan uses classic comfortable diesel railcars on its services. The trains are 2nd class only with four seats per row (2+2 seats). A few windows can be opened so you can enjoy the fresh, clean air and take pictures. At the end of the carriage there is a small buffet area where you can get drinks and snacks from the conductor. The conductor will also give you all the information you need about your journey, including stories (in Swedish and English) about interesting sights along the railway.

The comfortable and cosy interior of one of the trains.
The comfortable and cosy interior of one of the trains.

The Inlandsbanan make several longer stops along its route to have meals. You can pre-order different packages already onboad the train. You can find the complete menu here .

Inlandsbanan trip - our recommendations

If you are on a round trip through Scandinavia by train, we recommend to include Inlandsbanan - at least the Northern part from Östersund to Gällivare or in reverse direction. Take a direct train from Stockholm to Östersund: either a day train (journey time about six hours) with an overnight stay in Östersund or the night train available in summer from Stockholm heading Duved with stop in Östersund. For ticket prices and schedules Stockholm to Östersund check the website of Omio or ACPRail or From Gällivare continue in direction of Norway (Narvik, Lofoten), in direction of Finland or back to Stockholm. Tickets available via the links above.

Another option is by morning train from Göteborg or Stockholm to Mora. Tickets available at Omio or ACPRail or In Mora you change to Inlandsbanan in direction of Östersund. Stay overnight in Östersund and continue by Inlandsbanan towards Gällivare.

If you have more time, it is absolutely worth to make intermediate stops along the line. Inlandsbanan is probably the easiest way to reach Sweden's untouched backcountry by train. In the many small villages and towns along the way you will find all kinds of accomodation, supermarkets, restaurants as well as culture. They also serve as perfect starting points for longer hiking, fishing or canoeing adventures. For longer trips along the railway line, think about an Inlandsbanan Card or one of their travel packages - see below.

Inlandsbana train on Stora Luleälvsbron.
Inlandsbana train on Stora Luleälvsbron.

Inlandsbanan tickets and Inlandsbanan Card

To travel the railway line one way non-stop, a regular ticket is the best choice. Book online via this booking link: Inlandsbanan tickets
Here some examples of ticket fares for an adult traveller.
Mora - Östersund: SEK 596
Östersund - Gällivare: SEK 1.378

If you have time and want to enjoy the nature of Sweden, travel along Inlandsbanan with several stops. Therefore the Inlandsbanan Card is the best choice. Valid for 14 days unlimited travel between Mora, Östersund and Gällivare. The price is per adult SEK 1.995.
Book online via this booking link: Inlandsbanan Card

Reservations for Inlandsbanan Card and Interrail/Eurail passes are not required, but recommended for SEK 50. Book online via this booking link: Inlandsbanan reservation

Inlandsbanan with Interrail or Eurail

You travel for free with an Interrail or Eurail pass. A reservation is not required but recommended for SEK 50. Book online via this booking link: Inlandsbanan Interrail and Eurail reservation .


We recommend you the following hostels, hotels or camp sites:

Gällivare Camping
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Skabram Camping
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Jokkmokks Vandrarhem

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Pensionat Björnen
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Kolgårdens Stugby & Camping
Saiva Camping & Stugby
STF Hostel Vilhelmina Kyrkstad

Quiet morning at Kolgårdens Stugby & Camping.
Quiet morning at Kolgårdens Stugby & Camping.

Do you need further help to plan your Inlandsbanan trip ?

If you have questions, please just ask us. We are happy to help you to have a wonderful trip with Inlandsbanan and offer our help in the forum. Just register for free and ask your questions. All questions are anonymous, no personal data of you will be published! Our forum is here.

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